Unicorn Constructions is a constructing company in energy sector, specialised in building and modernising overhead high-voltage power lines.



Unicorn Constructions SP z o.o. has been set up in 2003 in Łódź(Poland) to conduct construction activities in energy sector, especially assembling , extending and modernising overhead mid to high –voltage power lines. From the beginning Unicorn focused on Scandinavian countries and Republic of Ireland. Starting 2006 under contingent allowed by Polish Ministry of Economy, company got the opportunity to emerge German market. In 2008 German subsidiary was set up under name UNICORN CONSTRUCTIONS GMBH, which is direct contractor for German and Dutch markets.

Unicorn Policy

Invariably during the years, the company keeps realising its plan with quality, safety, competitiveness and expansion, as main objectives. As loyal partner in sector, Unicorn keeps bringing, work safety and environmental standards to higher level to meet business partners and supervising institutions, targets. Main objective of the company is continuous expansion and maintaining its position as solid and dependable partner, achieved in previous years.


Our team of highly qualified professionals, have experience and skills that we continuously improve during training and projects around Europe. We use our own equipment and machinery to assembles and modernisations we take part in. As heavy machinery is concern we work only with best European suppliers.