220/380 kV Waltrop – Gersteinwerk, Bl. 4301 (Germany)

Preassemble and erection of high-voltage 380 kV line towers, disassemble, removal and modernization of 220kV towers for Amprion GmbH on behalf of SAG GmbH.



Realization of the project

To complete the task we have involved the best installers, they have assembled and erected five towers with a total weight of 221 tonnes. To assemble and put up masts used heavy equipment such as lifts and telescopic cranes with booms 200 tonnes. Particularly difficult task was to place the pole in place of the dismantled in an existing line. In this case, a crane of 400 tonnes, positioned with the individual elements of the new column between the existing cables. The whole process took place under the full supervision of the Customer and Investor. Under the contract, Unicorn also made the removal of one mast, weighing 25 tons and modernization works involving the installation and mounting of additional crossbeam - total of 11 tonnes. Duration of the project: week 39 - 49, 2010.

The project provided the company with the new experience of working with a team of 400 tonnes crane, putting crew showed accuracy and precision in carrying out such a difficult task. The quality of workmanship has brought satisfaction to both the Client and Investor.